Lucas Charrier

Fullstack Dev Freelance

Linupp iOS/Android

App react-native


Application de Linupp pour Android et Ios


Linupp Webapp

App React


Application Web de Linupp

Linupp API

Api with nodejs and express

NodejsPrismaAW S

Api de Linupp

Whatsapp Analyzer

App NextJS


Analyzer d'export de conversation whatsapp

The Pop Dictionnaire

Front Vuejs, Api en laravel


Dictionnaire participatif en ligne

Fluide Brulant



Site de création de bd en ligne

Podcast Findr

Django/Vuejs App


Site de rating de Podcast

Near Wanted

Django/Vuejs App


Jeu web en 2d

Lucas Charrier

Profilic Fullstack Dev

I have a passion for building products. What I like in coding is the hability to ship easily a concept or an idea. I like to create things, being a dev was the easiest way to make some of them lives. I'm passionated, and my work experiences helped me to be rigourous and to see the beauty in it. As I have a cartesian spirit, I like to see clean repo, clean code with beautiful tests.



I've done a lot of frontend, in pure javascript, it really help me to understand deeply how it works, I recently used a lot of Vuejs and React. But any framework will do, the concepts are often quite similar.


I've build a lot of api, in python (django), php (laravel), nodejs. I' am proficient in both 3, I have currently 3 side projects running on these technologies. I did choose on purpose to use the 3 differents techs, to never forget about how they works.


I used to do iOS native app. But I migrated to React Native, and I now mainly use it. We build the entire app of Linupp using React-Native using a lots of native feature thought. That is the beauty of React-Native.

Dev ops

I am not a dev ops, but of course I can deploy in production your apps, manage your infrastructure for optimization, etc. I mainly use aws, heroku, kubernets.


If you wish to contact me. You have a great project or just wanna say hi. Please send me a message on linkedin.